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Cornish Red Data (2009)

The descriptive text, below the map, is from the Cornish Red Data Book (2009). The map on this web page depicts the organisms distribution and shows the records made pre-2000 and those made since.

Vicia bithynica - Bithynian Vetch

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Native; Mediterranean-Atlantic species. Found as a native mostly in south-west England, the Channel Islands, the lower Thames valley, and rarely in coastal sites north to southern Scotland but also scattered as an introduction.

Regional Distribution

Only currently known from one site near Lizard village (SW71), where it has been known since 1902. In total it has been recorded from ten 1km squares. In the Isles of Scilly it was known from a field on St. Martin' s until 2001 (SV91).

Habitat & Ecology

Grows on a single low, Cornish Hedge near the coast. In the past it occurred as a tanbark alien at the Grampound Tannery. In Scilly was growing in a bulb-field within a mixed arable community.


Changes in cultivation - the field in Scilly was put down to grass.

\sb100\sl-210\slmult0 Conservation

The site on The Lizard is not protected.



I.J. Bennallick, S. Board, C.N. French, P.A. Gainey, C. Neil, R. Parslow, A. Spalding and P.E. Tompsett. eds. 2009. Red Data Book for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 2nd Edition.Croceago Press.

The Cornish Red Data Book Project was led by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Federation for Biological Recorders (CISFBR). The full text and species accounts (minus the maps) are available on the CISFBR website.

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