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Flora of Cornwall (1999)

The descriptive text, below the map, is from the Flora of Cornwall (1999), which was a Tetrad Atlas (the maps had 2km square dots or Tetrads). The map on this web page depicts the plant's distribution at the 1km square scale and shows the records made pre-2000 which were used in the 1999 Flora and those made since.

Rumex rupestris - Shore Dock

Shore Dock is a protected Red Data Book plant which is being monitored as part of the Plantlife's Species Recovery Programme. In Cornwall it is extremely local and very rare. It can be found in several types of habitat; in flush sites just above or at the base of sea cliffs; on rocky, wave cut platforms and in, and around the edge of, dune slacks. Within dune slacks it can grow in waterlogged conditions all year round and be submerged for part of the year. Plants are recorded for the following hectads SV80, SV81, SV91, SW42, SW62, SW75, SW83, SW93, SX15 and SX44.

Click here to see Aphotoflora images by David Fenwick


French, C.N., Murphy, R.J. & Atkinson, M. 1999. Flora of Cornwall. Wheal Seton Press, Camborne.