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Flora of Cornwall (1999)

The descriptive text, below the map, is from the Flora of Cornwall (1999), which was a Tetrad Atlas (the maps had 2km square dots or Tetrads). The map on this web page depicts the plant's distribution at the 1km square scale and shows the records made pre-2000 which were used in the 1999 Flora and those made since.

Ranunculus penicillatus - Stream Water-crowfoot

Stream Water-crowfoot is confined to mainly fast flowing streams and rivers in East Cornwall, such as the River Tamar near Luckett (SW37W, before 1980, I.Nicholson), near North Tamerton (SX39, before 1980, L.J.Margetts), in the Fowey (SX16M, 1997, M.Atkinson) and in the Seaton river (SX25Z, 1989, S.C.Madge). It exists as two subspecies, ssp. pseudofluitans and ssp. penicillatus . Only the former has been shown to exist in Cornwall. This was discovered growing in the stream at Peakswater in 1995 (SX15S, M.Atkinson) and in the River Fowey at Draw Wood in 1996 (SX16S, M.Atkinson).


French, C.N., Murphy, R.J. & Atkinson, M. 1999. Flora of Cornwall. Wheal Seton Press, Camborne.